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is a 501(c)(3) Tax-exempt Public Charity
We are a team dedicated to assisting Eritrean refugees that have fled the
oppressive regime in control in their home country.  Our primary effort is
providing assistance in acute situations of safety and need of refugees in the USA
and other countries. We have provided college scholarships to Eritrean refugees
in Ethiopia and Egypt, and report information pertaining to Eritrean refugees, and
general news about Eritrea.   We are connected with no governmental entity, and
all members of the Team participate strictly on a volunteer basis.
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Press Release:
Demonstration in Washington
for Refugee Rights in Israel
March 7, 2014
Brief Video
March 8, 2014
Updated Bibliography on
Kidnapping, Torture and
Extortion in the Sinai
America Team
March 20, 2014
More Than 2,000 Migrants
Rescued Off Italian Coast
The New York Times
March 21, 2014
Interfaith Seder at Israeli Embassy
in Washington -- April 9th
March 25, 2014
Sign Up
April 2, 2014
Lampedusa Boat Tragedy: a
Survivor's Story
The Guardian
March 29, 2014
African Asylum Seekers in Israel
Reject ‘Invitation’ to Desert Prison
March 30, 2014
Report on Hearing in Israel
Hotline for Refugees and Migrants
April 3, 2014
Refugee Seder Held in Washington
America Team Notice
April 10, 2014
The Washington Post
April 11, 2014
Wins Boston Marathon!
The New York Times
April 21, 2014